“26,575 children die each day of largely preventable causes related to their poverty. But that every statistic, so critical to our understanding of the extent and urgency of the plight of the world’s children, also begins to obscure the humanity, the dignity and the worth of each of those children. It takes away their names and their stories, homogenizes their personalities and cheapens the value of each individual child, created in the very image of God.” – Richard Stearns, The Hole in Our Gospel

When we hear that there are an estimated 40 million street children in Latin America alone (UNICEF 1996), our heart breaks. We can’t comprehend this staggering number. We want to help but feel helpless when faced with such great need. Children’s Impact Network believes we best address this immense need one child at a time. Children’s Impact Network exists to rescue abandoned and abused children. With each new child we rescue, we chip away at that huge ugly statistic by providing a hope and a future to one more beautiful child.

Children’s Impact Network is committed to long-lasting, life changing assistance. At our orphanages in Bolivia and Honduras, we commit to raising the children through adulthood. We provide for all their daily needs until they are ready and able to live independently. We provide for each child’s higher education or technical training. We, along with sponsors and mission teams, become their family. In Colombia, we provide more temporary assistance for families as they grieve, heal and restart their lives.

Each Life Center (Colombia, Honduras and Bolivia Life Centers) is operated in partnership with the local community in which it exists, specifically with a partner church.  Children’s Impact Network cherishes these relationships. We believe in empowering the local community to address the needs of their children. We think it is important for the children to have role models from within their own cultural communities. We value and respect our differences and will never enter a community thinking we know how to best address their issues.

Friends of Children’s Impact Network often express their gratitude for creating opportunities to help abandoned and abused children through long lasting relationships. We provide mission trip opportunities to all of our program sites. We believe our supporters should be able to sit face to face with the very children they are impacting. It is our great joy to build deep, rich relationships with both the children we serve and the people who serve them with us. Will you join us in impacting children around the world?

You can find more information on our programming in all three of the previously mentioned countries under the GO tab. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.